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Grand Prix of fort worth

Erin Davis-Heineking along with partners will host a new charity event over 4 days (May 24 – 27) at the Will Rogers Memorial Complex.  Southbound Shows along with the Grand Prix of Fort Worth brings high level equestrian show jumping back to the area and the best part – they have decided to designate the Saving Hope Foundation and the Fort Worth Zoo as the beneficiaries of this amazing event. 

On Friday evening, May 25th, The Pony Express Jumping Derby and The Hope Cup High Jump will feature Saving Hope animals in the ring between competitions for adoptions and a quick presentation of what the Saving Hope Foundation is and how it impacts our home town and improves the lives of its furry citizens. A large vendor spot has also been reserved as an adoption area for our Saving Hope pups up for adoption for ALL FOUR days of the competition.  We will also host Dachsund races during intermission and would love any volunteers to help with the animals, be line judges, educating and volunteer in other areas.

On Saturday evening, May 26th, the Fort Worth Zoo will have the opportunity to present and following the competitions that day a silent auction will be held benefiting both Saving Hope and the Fort Worth Zoo.

VIP areas along with private tables can be purchased for sponsors and patrons of the show with food and cocktails or tickets can be purchased at .  All proceeds will go to Saving Hope and the Fort Worth Zoo.  


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  Preparing for Take-off in Texas!

It was another amazing day that was bittersweet...we were sad to let go...but so excited for the happy future for all of these animals. We were happy that they now have a future! The children, adults, pilots (Andrew Topp & @tom callahan) and all were so helpful and kind. We can not thank Home for Good Dog Rescue and Pilots N Paws and Eleventh Hour Rescue enough for helping us lighten the load in Texas by their donations and taking 26 animals back to New Jersey where their adopters are waiting. We have only begun to see the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey and we appreciate everything that has been done for us. Thank you for all of your time on the Labor Day holiday it was early at 6 am at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport. Thank you to our incredible volunteers and fosters: Susan Dean, Laurie Wright, Jeannie Walker and her sweet family, Sarah Thomas Enos, Erin Lucas Woodkotch Laura Jensen, Jenicia S. Beckstrand, Aleida de la Rosa Janice Kitterman, Janice Ford Grimes, Katy Kothmann Abraham, Kari Breen, Abigail Anton, Jake Carson, Emi Carson, Chelsea Lynn Craig and the entire staff Spa Paws Hotel as well as Paws Wellness Center and Camp Bow Wow Fort Worth West, TX and Hulen Hills Animal Hospital. This was truly a mission accomplished. #savinghopetx #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #adoptfixlove #hurricaneharvey and finally TRULY #ittakesavillage.  Kari Breen Inc thank you.... Amazing pictures as always❤️🐶

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Happy Tails!

2017 Hope & Friends Photo Book: follow the link below to donate

your donation makes a difference!

$4,000 Donation –  An entire Day of Hope for 45 to 50 animals, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinate, chip and registered with the city...PLUS free food.

$3,500 Donation –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 40 animals.

$2,000  (Two-Page Spread Color) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 24 animals.

$1,500  (Full-Bleed Color Page) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 20 animals.

$1,000  (Single Page Color) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 12 animals.

New Option: $1,000  (Full-Bleed B&W Page) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 12 animals.

$600 (Two-Page Spread B&W) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 7 animals.

$250 (Single Page B&W) –  Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Chip and provide food for 3 animals.

Please help us welcome sweet Pickle to the Saving Hope Family! We are so grateful that he is safe and receiving the care he deserves.

Dog Found With Jar Stuck On His Head Gets New Home With Foster Family

A dog found wandering in the streets of Fort Worth this month with a plastic jar stuck on his head is getting a second chance. 

The dog, known only as "Pickle," got his head stuck in a plastic jar and lived with it for approximately three days, according to Fort Worth Animal Care & Control.

Concerned residents found Pickle in their neighborhood and called animal control services.

Because of Pickle's situation, "he was extremely fearful," said Diane Covey with Fort Worth Animal Care & Control. 

Animal control officers were eventually able to catch Pickle and remove the jar from his head. 

Pickle has been recovering at the Fort Worth animal shelter ever since. On Friday, he was finally able to go home with his new foster family.

Saving Hope is a non-profit rescue group that's taking Pickle.

"Their plan is to rehabilitate and socialize him so that one day he can be adopted," said Covey. 

Published at 10:05 PM CDT on Apr 28, 2017

Source: Dog Found With Jar Stuck On His Head Gets New Home With Foster Family | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 
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We are thrilled to be partners with Hiley Subaru Share the Love and Subaru of America, Inc. What an amazing organization!!! This will save, spay & neuter so many more animals.

We love Hiley Subaru❤ thank you for helping remedy our overpopulation problem in Fort Worth.