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The Saving Hope Foundation’s mission is to end animal abuse and neglect by addressing dog and cat overpopulation in our community through an aggressive spay neuter campaign, with supporting education, transport and adoption programs.

a story of hope

The Saving Hope Foundation was inspired by the amazing story of Hope, a 30-pound bundle of courage, who was betrayed, brutalized and left for dead on a country road in Weatherford. Hope, a pug-mix, was found with her muzzle taped shut, her tongue protruding and swollen. She was suffering from extreme dehydration, and she had been stabbed multiple times.

While Hope’s story is tragic, it’s important to hear the details. It helps understand the mission of this organization and the passion of the determined women driving it.

“We want something good to come out of this horrible thing that happened to Hope,” said Kit Moncrief, who adopted Hope and helped start the Saving Hope Foundation.

The Foundation is focused on animal abuse, animal neglect and overpopulation. It is determined to put an emphasis on education, especially about spaying, neutering and vaccinations. Saving Hope also wants to help those who struggle to keep their pets because of economic hardships.

“Hope is a voice for other ‘Hopes,' ” said Adelaide Moncrief Royer, who helped launch the Foundation. “She gets the word out that other dogs need a loving home, and even if they haven’t had a perfect life thus far, they still love you unconditionally and appreciate you so much.”

Kit and Hope color.gif

Kit moncrief, founder & her hope

“We wanted something good to come out of this horrible thing that happened to Hope…”