Fort Worth Partnership is a coalition between Saving Hope, Fort Worth Animal Control, Humane Society of North Texas, Spay & Neuter Network as well as Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. This group was formed so we could all work together as a team to improve animal welfare in Fort Worth. We meet several times yearly to speak about the city’s needs at the time as well as the hopes for the future. You can learn more about FWPP by clicking here.


One of our partners and whom we choose to support is an organization whose mission is to eliminate the overpopulation problem in the area. They walk door to door in targeted zip codes to offer free spay/neuter services, vaccines and education on pet ownership. They are a 501 (c) 3 organization and have the Hope Mobile (named after Saving Hope's Hope) that drives to accessible parking lots where many can walk their pet to whether to vaccinate or sterilize. They also help with the feral cat program. Since inception, the Spay & Neuter Network has performed over 30,000 free spay/neuters with our help. Visit Spay & Neuter Network to learn more about how we have prevented approximately 407,250 unwanted puppies and kittens from being born.


TCAP provides low cost vaccinations, sterilization as well as dental cleanings. Our support has allowed them to The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides low cost sterilizations, vaccines, and dental cleanings for North Texas pets. Since its founding in 2002, TCAP has provided more than 306,000 spays/neuters and 655,000 vaccines against the deadly rabies virus. TCAP has received 3 grants from Project Saving Hope that have sterilized and vaccinated more than 1,200 North Texas animals, and considerable funds still remain on the third grant. You can learn more about TCAP by visiting www.texasforthem.org


First and foremost, we are a foundation that was created because of Hope. She is one of many animals that represent the need for a marked improvement in animal welfare in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Our first focus is the overpopulation problem in the area. Our partnership with the Spay & Neuter Network as well as the Texas Coalition of Animal Protection has drastically reduced the animal population. However, the FWAC as well as the HSNT have also reached out many times when they are in need. There are not enough rescue organizations to help, and because of that we offer to help case-by-case basis. We post the animals on our website and also work with local and out of town rescues to assure each animal gets the home they deserve. At this time, we are averaging spending per animal around $750 (whether s/he is in need of a sterilization, dental, skin issues, sickness, etc.)


Sit, Stay, Play Program

Cook Children’s program has allowed many children in the hospital feel at ease. The therapy dogs allow the children to redirect their fears and decrease pain by spending time and petting the animals. Click here for more information on the Sit, Stay, Play program.


Similar to the Tarrant County Food Bank for humans, Don’t Forget to Feed me is an organizations who help pets in need. There are many loving families who want to keep their pets but feeding them can be difficult at times. Don’t Forget to Feed Me is an organization that owners in need can reach out to when times are difficult, in turn, increasing owner retention. For more information on Don’t Forget to Feed Me please visit www.dontforgettofeedme.org.