Please join us, along with Honorary Chair Betsy Price, and dedicated partners the Humane Society of North Texas,

the City of Fort Worth and the Spay Neuter Network in creating a better life for local animals.

Over 50,000 animals are euthanized each year in Dallas and Fort Worth and thousands more roam the streets where they live and die daily from starvation, exhaustion, disease or being struck by vehicles. It is for this reason that The Saving Hope Foundation has begun a remarkable campaign, Snip, Snip Hooray, in order to:

  • open a spay/neuter clinic in southeast Fort Worth to meet the needs of pet owners in twelve targeted low-income zip codes in order to provide 42,000 free surgeries and 10,000 low-cost wellness exams, vaccinations and microchips for pets (total pets in these targeted zip codes is approximately 56,000); there are currently no such veterinary clinics in this area.

  • utilize the Hope Mobile for low-income pet owners living in north Fort Worth.

  • expand “Spay Squad Walks” through low-income neighborhoods to educate people on the importance of sterilizing pets, while also scheduling surgeries and vaccinations and coordinating transportation to the clinic, if needed.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.